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Alpha Science has proven its results for over 20 years. Our experienced staff can help students solve any academic problem and develop strong study habits and critical thinking skills that prove effective for the future. We go beyond simple test-taking strategies and ensure our students fully understand the ideas and concepts presented during examinations. Our team includes graduates from high-tech engineering, giving Alpha Science a better insight into what skills and lessons are most needed in the future.

In-Person and Online Test Prep, Tutoring, and College Counseling
C2’s fully customized programs support students throughout their academic journeys — from younger students building a solid foundation to high school students taking increasingly challenging courses and navigating the college admissions process. Our tutors deliver personalized support to improve test scores, enhance GPAs, and build winning college applications while offering consistent support during remote school and other academic disruptions.

About Mobile End Zone Academy (MEZA)
MEZA creates the first comprehensive, year-round technology curriculum for the youth in Southern California. Our curriculum is designed to educate and enrich youth ages 13 to 18, to supplement their academy learning in computer technology; at the same time, to provide a smooth and fun path entering the digital economic of the future..


The goal of SAT® Professionals is not only to prepare students in rigorous fashion for SAT®, SAT II® and AP® exams, but also to encourage and instill in students positive personal skills that will enable them to be successful in life. Self reliance, self determination and self motivation are the keys to long term success for any person. SAT® Professionals encourages these attributes in all our students. We encourage the students to trust themselves in the process of learning. We understand that to be truly successful a student must be self-motivated.
30 years of teaching experience has proved this to be true. With former students at every major university in the United States and in every top profession, SAT® Professionals has an unmatched record of success. When you want to prepare for the SAT® and AP® exams, come ready to learn by choosing the best, SAT® Professionals.