• Q: What is the DBHS phone number to report absent?
    A: If your son or daughter is absent, call (909) 594-1860.
    学生需要请假电话,(909) 594-1860
  • Q: How to register Parents Square? 登記Parents Square
    A: 1) Depending on the contact information in their Aeries Portal account, many of them should be able to download the ParentSquare phone app or go to https://www.parentsquare.com/signin and sign in using the email address we have for them in our school records.
    大部分的家長可以在手機上下載 ParentSquare 或是到 https://www.parentsquare.com/signin 登入跟登記在學校一樣的電子郵件
    2) If the first step does not work, please have them email me and include their student’s name and ID number.
    如果以上方式不 行,請寫信給我 注名要加入ParentSquare 信裡包含學生的名字跟ID
    學校Technology Coordinator: Randy Thomas [email protected]

  • Q: How do I know what events the school will organize and their details?
    A: The school’s official website https://dbhs.wvusd.org/ provides the schedule of upcoming school events. If you want to learn more about the details of these events, you can follow these Instagram accounts:@diamondbarusb @dbhsevents @dbhsorg @diamondbarioc
    學校的官網 https://dbhs.wvusd.org/ 可以看到近期學校的活動排程。如果想要知道更深入的活動內容,可追蹤以下instagram @diamondbarusb @dbhsevents @dbhsorg @diamondbarioc
  • Q:I am a parent of a DBHS student and would like to join CAPA. How can I join?”


    A: “You can contact CAPA board member Mavis (WeChat ID: MavisV2225) to complete the membership application process, or you can directly fill out the CAPA Membership Application Form https://forms.gle/pqr5HG9LLwgvZGhV8 and submit the membership fee. Once we receive the form, Mavis will add you as a friend and invite you to join the parent group.”
    您可以跟 board member Mavis (微信ID: MavisV2225)聯絡,辦理入會手續,或是直接填寫新會員入會申請表格並繳交會費。我們收到表格後,Mavis 會加您為好友並邀要請您入家長群。