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10/29/2023: 这个module是专注在蜜蜂的知识介绍,农场请了蜜蜂专业人士带领孩子们,了解蜜蜂的习性。孩子们分成了三组,每周会安排一组专注蜜蜂的学习, 其他两组进行农场的工作。 今天William带领的一组接受蜜蜂知识教育和在蜂箱近距离接触并观察蜜蜂活动,Kevin带领一组种植豆角,Susie 带领一组收获丝瓜,孩子们都很棒! 为他们加油!

Feb. 24th 2023: The LPF team focused on building the planter beds and planning the strawberries

Feb.2023 latest activities and pictures

Jan. 2023:


Our volunteers have learned three fun facts about bees from the specialized Beekeeper, Yvonne, on Sunday’s program.  
1. Bees are very clean. 
2. Bees are complex. 
3. Bees are social. 
Yvonne also taught that when a worker bee discovers a good source of nectar or pollen (note the pollen spores dusting this bee’s back), she will return to the hive to perform a dance to let her nestmates know where the source is.  
Under Yvonne’s supervision, all volunteers visited the beehive and stayed with the bees for over 60 seconds. She showed us how to use smoke to calm the bees before and during the visit to the beehive. Some of the volunteers even had a chance to taste raw honey.


Mia’s group bagged eggplants and prepared the elevated planting rings.
Vera’s group cut up plants for decomposition.
William’s group did animal care, cleaning the pens and feeding the animals.
Gabriel’s group also set up the planting rings with hay and a mixture of manure and planting soil. 
Brian/Chris’ group helped plant seeds and helped clean buckets in the front.


Gabriel’s team broke seed pods for daikon and long bean seeds.
William’s team cleaned the front kabocha vines and harvested pumpkins
Mia’s team took care of bagging eggplants and migrating some earthworms. 
Vera’s team went to help with the animal’s care and walked the dogs. 
Chris’s team fertilized the plants we transferred in the last two weeks. 


Chris led a group and worked with Rosa to continue transplanting seedlings and installing the irrigation system.  
Vera and Nick led groups as well and did animal care. They took care of the bunnies and pigs. 
Mia led a group of girls and worked with Mandy to do germination.
Gabriel and his group worked with William to move the plant beds and replant the dead seedlings


Classroom-Pollination and pollinators
The first topic is to introduce/review some biology knowledge. 
Pollination and pollinators. 

Then, break into five groups: 
1. Breaking the pod collecting seeds: A Group of four girls, led by Mia, break the pod, and collect the seeds of Daikon. It needs a lot of patience since the seeds are so tiny, like sand. 
2. Setup Raise Bed: This group, led by William and Vera, helps Jonathan set up the raised bed. They put the straw in the bottom, amended the soil, put it on top of the straw, and added water. 
3. Support Eggplant: Chris was leading the group. Add a post for each eggplant and tie it to the bar to support growing bigger.  
4. Transplanting: Gabriel’s group worked with Rosa to try out the new transplanting machine. Transferring the plant to the ground. 
5. Weeding and cleaning: Nicholas led Kevin, and Tom cleaned the out-of-season vegetables in harmony garden.

2022 Summer Fun Activities

WVUSD school District Beauty of Sharing Elementary School Seedling Project. Our kids from LPF Project were helping to assemble the kits for all nine elementary school of 1st and 2md graders. Delivery made for College Wood and Castle Rock Elementary. Big hands to kids.

Kids working on the farm

CAPA將於9/12 正式開始推出和Little Parrot Farm合作的High School Internship Program. 以下是活動的Flyer及報名參加的聯結. 請注意下列的事項.

CAPA will start a internship program with Little Parrot Farm (LPF) on Sep. 12th. Please pay attention to the info needed below:

1. 參與的孩子必須完成COVID 疫苗接種。

All participants must have COVID vaccine completed

2. 活動將於9月12日 開始每週日9am to 11am到10月10日. 孩子必須完成整個Module才能得到完整的義工小時

The program starts Sep. 12th , every Sunday 9am-11am and will end on Oct. 10th. Participants have to complete all the modules to earn volunteer time.


This program has lots of interaction with animals and plants. Please do not join if you are allergic to any of these.


Please complete the registration form in full. Partially filled form will not be processed

申請鏈接:截止日期 9月6日
Little Parrot Farm (LPF) Internship Application Link (deadline Sep. 6th)CAPA Youth – Little Parrot Farm