Part of info are from DBHS Junior Bulletin

  • DBHS doesn’t weight GPA’s, but that won’t hurt you at all
  • Every university to which you apply knows that DBHS does not weight the GPA, but they all weight your honors and AP classes themselves.
  • How to calculate your GPA for the UC system?
    1. Take all of your A-G approved academic grades from the summer before 10th grade to the summer after 11th grade, give 4 points for A’s, 3 points for B’s, 2 points for C’s, 1 point for D’s, and divide by the number of classes
    2. For weighted GPA, give an extra point for all AP classes as well as English, French, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish III Honors (so an A in English III H would count as 5, a B would count for 4)

· Should I make up that D?

If it’s in a class like English, biology, chemistry, or US or world history, yes, definitely. Your GLC has already spoken to you about making it up because you will NOT be eligible for CSU/UC with a D in any semester of one of those classes.

If you earned a D in a class like math or foreign language but then earned a C- or better in the second semester, then you actually don’t need to make it up because the second semester grade validated the first semester grade. If you want to, you can still make up the grade, but you should know that 1) the original D will never disappear from your transcript, and 2) the impact to your overall GPA would be minimal. A student with a 3.04 who made up the D with a B would then have a 3.12. It’s improved for sure, but your time might be better spent elsewhere