03/23/2024: For the past weeks, the CAPA parks cleaning volunteer team visited Diamond Canyon, Pantera and Summitridge parks. Please see their wonderful pictures and the waste picked up. Our community parks are cleaner with the volunteer work.

02/24-25/2024: English Park in Chino Hills: very pretty park and our volunteers have done a good job by reducing plastics!

02/17-18/2024: Grad Ave park

02/3-4/2024: Ronald Reagan Park

01/27-28/2024: Grand Av Park; students volunteers visited this great park again to clean up the plastics!

12/02-03/2023: Grand Av Park

11/11-12/2023: Ronald Reagan Park

11/4-5/2023: Sycamore park cleaning: all the students and parents have done an excellent job by removing plastics from the park

10/28-29/2023: Pantera park cleaning

07/14/2023: Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy

06/17/2023: Huntington Beach Cleaning
Today, Diamond Bar High School, as a group, we visited Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy to help clean the wetlands by picking up trash. Bottle caps, plastic, rubber, paper material made items, and more were found and cleaned from the ground. If we found dead animals or dead plants, we learned to leave them where they were so they could act as fertilizer for the area. It’s an extremely helpful, but simple way to help the environment and animals that live in these areas. What we did today and will continue to do in the future, is helping, protecting, and restoring the wetlands of Huntington Beach

06/10/2023: Santa Monica Beach Cleaning
Our event on the 10th of June was a fantastic group effort on Santa Monica Beach. Before we started cleaning, we already saw tons of trash around the place, waiting to be picked up by someone. After our hosts recorded the names of everyone, we set off to collect the trash ranging from Tower 24 all the way to Tower 28. The two hours felt so short, as there was so much trash to pick up around the beach, finding various items, like glass bottles and random socks. At the end of the event, we ended up amassing a total of over 10 full bags of trash found on the beach. We all collectively helped throw these things away, filling up an entire garbage can. This was a great event to help clean up our area and also to spend time with friends while helping out our community. – Eric Wang

06/4/2023: Venice Beach Cleaning